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Being part of an industry which is subject to social and environmental challenges, Soaked in Luxury, and the industry as a whole, must participate actively in solving the challenges and acknowledge its responsibilities.

As part of the DK Company Group, we focus on reducing our major environmental impacts: 


Reducing our CO2e emissions.


To meet our sustainability goals, we have switched from fossil fuels to net-carbon zero Maersk ECO Delivery biofuels from 2022. As another way to reduce our CO2 footprint, we established our first solar cell plant in 2022. Responsibility in materials used in textile production. Going out of 2022, all our cotton styles were sourced with a minimum of 50% cotton content from more responsible alternatives. (For example, organic cotton, better cotton, and recycled cotton). By 2025, we will source 50% of our polyester from more responsible alternatives. (For example, recycled polyester). By 2025, we will source 100% of our viscose from more responsible alternatives. (For example, Eco Vero and FSC®-certified materials). By 2025, we will source 100% of our wool in line with industry best practice. (For example, RWS Responsible Wool Standard).





The analysis of our climate footprint is based on the international standard: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard developed by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative (GHG Protocol). The GHG Protocol is the most widely used and recognized international standard for measuring greenhouse gas emissions and was the basis for the ISO 14064-I standard.





As part of DK Company, Soaked in Luxury’s ethical policies include an obligation to respect international human and labor rights and ensure the necessary implementation of the UN guiding principles on business and human rights. Consequently, DK Company acknowledges its fundamental responsibility for ensuring that human rights and other ethical policies are respected by the Group and its value chain – from staff working at the Group’s domiciles and in retail shops to suppliers and their sub-suppliersAll our suppliers have signed our requirements, including  Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.. Our local auditors are conducting internal training and supporting the suppliers in their improvements.





The diversity policy dictates zero tolerance toward all forms of discrimination. It is a clear ambition to grant all employees equal access to responsibility, respect, and opportunities regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality.



We want to commit to solving the industry´s challenges


As part of the DK Company Group, we work in a structured manner, to make targeted efforts to identify, prevent and minimize risks and to remedy any violations of human rights and the environment. By focusing its efforts and resources, DK Company can contribute to asserting the Group’s CSR impact in all parts of Company’s global value chain while supporting global sustainable growth. The journey to becoming more responsible is an ongoing process encompassing continuous learning from experience and finding new ways to make an impact and improve. 


Read our full company CSR strategy here



Soaked Studio- a new starting point


Soaked Studio is an extended line of Soaked in Luxury. With the desire to create small stories that last long and with a conscious approach, we design clothes for women who want luxurious qualities at affordable prices. In Soaked Studio you are sure to find the comfy knit, sophisticated dress, beautiful shirt, and the top for tomorrow's party. We believe that responsible everyday sophistication should be for everyone and with a love for uncompromised quality and design, Soaked Studio offers just that.


With a focus on more sensible production and minimal environmental impact, responsibly sourced materials are a cornerstone in Soaked Studio. LWG-certified leather, RWS wool, and Lenzing Eco Vero viscose are some of the materials that you will find in a Soaked Studio collection.


For Soaked in Luxury, Soaked Studio is a new starting point and a journey for our brand to explore and make more considerate decisions from design to production and materials.





When you buy a garment from Soaked in Luxury all of our hangtags are made from FSC® certified materials. You will receive your garment in one of our 100%   FSC® certified material or recycled paper/cardboard boxes or in a 100% recycled plastic poly- and master bag.