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Here you will find a guide with advice and tips on how to best care for and extend the life of your favourite styles, so that they can continue to be a part of your wardrobe rotation season after season.



There are many factors at play when it comes to washing your clothes -  being aware of these can extend the life of your garments. While many fabrics can tolerate machine wash, some materials require a delicate cycle or hand wash. As washing can be harsh on the clothes and result in more tear than actually wearing them, consider if airing them could be enough.


Tip: If you want to be sure that you are handling your clothes correctly, you can always look at the washing instruction symbols on your garments' care labels to find the correct temperatures.



No two stains are the same, but if they should appear on your favourite clothes, fear not. Make sure to clean the stain before throwing the garment in the wash. If you leave a stain for a long time, you risk that it will become more difficult to remove and may eventually ruin the garment. 

If the stain does not come off in the wash, you may need to treat it with a stain remover. 



Depending on the material, it is always a good idea to air-dry your laundry. Be sure to remove as much water from the garment before hanging it on a line or rack - this help to avoid the water pulling and stretching the material. Tumble drying is an intensive process and might cause damage to your clothes, mainly in regards to shrinking, wearing fabric down, and causing holes.


Tip: When washing knitwear, we recommend laying them flat to dry. You can put a towel underneath to absorb the remaining water.



Storage can mean many things when it comes to clothes. Bulky items or pieces made from easily stretched fabrics, like T-shirts, sweaters, and knitwear, are best folded. Shirts, trousers, and skirts will do best on a hanger as these tend to crease. Clothes are generally best kept in a ventilated space at room temperature. Product quality matters, which is why we also focus on equipping you with the right advice and guidance to ensure your favourite items remain intact for years to come. You must pay particular attention when washing and drying, but if you are conscious about following your clothes' care instructions, you have a better chance of extending their lifespan.


Tip: When you have to pack away your seasonal styles, it can be a good idea to store the clothes in sealed boxes or canvas bags, depending on the material. These containers can protect the clothes from elements like insects, dust, and mould, so you can wear them again, season after season.