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We believe that fashion is about having fun, empowering and inspiring each other and being a little bit unpretentious.The way we empower women is by designing fashion with great details and eye-catching print stories, always in a range of colours, which makes it possible to create your own unique and feminine look.
On trend
We dare to follow the core trends in the fashion industry – we deliver the right product at the right time. When the customer wants it, we have it.
We are playful, fun and vibrant in our colour choices, colour combinations and our prints. We love mixing everything up.
Luxury in the detail
We add visual details to our garments, that give added value to each product, and make them stand out from the crowd – this creates the unique Soaked in Luxury look.
Our products are made for women and the various female shapes. We are a go-to brand because the women feels at ease in our clothes.
A woman feels sensual, strong and beautiful in our clothes, thanks to our flirty details, our refined prints and our silhouettes.

Soaked in Luxury | Banetoften 32 | 7500 Holstebro | Denmark | +45 97 41 04 15 |