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The capsules contain timeless pieces rising above seasonal trends and are meant to stay in your closet to be loved and cared for in years to come. Take care of your favourite items and explore our care guide.

Leather is a low maintenance material which doesn’t need washing. But there are a few guidelines you can follow, to make sure your leather lasts longer. Try to always keep your leather goods dry. If your leather becomes wet blot away water or moisture as soon as possible, then dry it naturally away from artificial heat. Leather benefits from being cleaned from time to time, with a soft brush or damp cloth and being aired out to stay fresh. If you want to use a special leather conditioner to keep leather soft, always try out the conditioner in a hidden spot before conditioning the whole garment. To remove stains, use a mixture of soap flakes and warm water and gently rub the spot. Leather is very resilient, adaptable and does not tear easily. If cherished and looked after it will develop its own unique characteristics and patina and it will only get better with time.

Wool is a warm, soft, durable and long-lasting material that has the amazing ability to regulate body temperature. Since wool garments require less washing than many other fibres, to care for wool is not as consuming as you may think. But there are a few rules to follow when maintaining your wool products. Hand-wash your wool garments, it will keep them softer over time. Gently squeeze out excess water and flat dry out of direct sunlight. Lightly reshape to maintain fit and never hang a wool sweater, always fold. Use a wool comb to de-pill the fabric and keep it looking neat.

The Wool Comb

To care for and protect our new woollen styles, we have made our very own wool comb. Use the comb to gently brush your sweaters if pile up occurs. The comb is the perfect way to make your wool pieces last and look new longer. The comb is made under quality assured conditions and created out of responsibly sourced wood. So, like the rest of the collection, it’s consciously produced..

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