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We visited American model & gallery owner Ilethia Sharp at her home in Nørrebro,
Copenhagen. Get to know Ilethia a little better below and get her inside tips on which
upcoming artists to look out for right now.

Tell us what you do?
I’m a model, curator and now gallerist. As a gallerist who is educated in contemporary art history and curatorial 
studies, I select artists and curators to exhibit at my gallery Sharp Projects in Nørrebro.

How did you end up in Denmark?
I visited Copenhagen after my studies in Vienna and was signed by Scoop Models, then later stayed 
to open an art gallery.

What made you get interested in art?
I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember but I’ve become even more invigorated when I experience 
and learn about artist and art practices.

Who are three upcoming artists to look out for? 
Three upcoming artists to look out for are Ana Baumann, Albin Bergström and Julie Falk.

How would you describe your style?
I’m usually wearing all black. I like to wear sculptural and simple silhouettes inspired by design and architecture. 
For spring and summer and when the light begins to come back, I like to add a little colour and softer shades into my looks.

What is something you look forward to this spring?
This spring I’m looking forward to traveling and visiting art exhibitions.

Follow @ilethieasharp & @__sharpprojects or visit Sharp Objects, Blegdamsvej 38, 2200 Copenhagen - Open by appointment.

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