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We asked our fashion crush Anastasia Graversen, also known under her Instagram handle @anastasiajmg, to style some of her favourite pieces from our Pre-Spring & Main Spring 22 Collections.

We love Anastasia for her effortless and easy-going style and are inspired with her ability to create looks that always feels chic but never forced. Beside being a style influence. Here you can get to know Anastasia a little better.


Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Anastasia, I am 28 years old, and I live in Copenhagen with my twin boys: Jacob and Bille, my boyfriend Gustav and our dog Lille. The twins are 2,5 years old, and we actually have a new little one on the way - this time just one. After work, we pick up the kids, and the dog and usually stay outside for an hour or two depending on the Danish weather and then go home to cook dinner. I love documenting the bits and pieces of our life: the good and some of the bad on my Instagram profile @anastasiajmg. I love dressing colourfully, and the boys are just hilarious and always a part of most things I do.


What does style mean to you?

It’s an expression of how I feel: When I am happy and feel confident, I tend to go with bolder choices, funny silhouettes, more accessories and a little bit of jewellery. When I’m too busy for my own well-being I tend to favour classic outfits, jeans and a sweater and colourful pair of ballerinas. But my style is an expression and during uninspired times I don’t feel well - if I could stay home I would but the world is waiting on you no matter if you have a good outfit ready or not.


Who inspires you?

I am always inspired by Leandra Medina Cohen, owner of former Man Repeller: her style is fun, different and sometimes just ordinary but with the perfect twist. Inspiration is rare to me; it feels like a shooting star whenever it happens - but Leandra has inspired me for years.

Secondly, I am forever inspired by Sex & the City - it such a cliché but I am - I’ve watched the series probably more than 20 times, and each time a new outfit inspires me and speaks to me.


Can you tell us how you approach getting dressed each morning? Do you plan your outfits in advance or have a shopping strategy each season?

I would love to plan in advance, but it never works for me. Whenever I plan an outfit in the evening, it’s not what I want to wear the next day - outfits are connected to moods.

My actual routine is pretty weird, but I lie in bed when my Gustav (who’s been up for hours at this point) wakes up the boys and I. They get up right away and go for breakfast with Gustav and I stay back and go through my closet in my mind. It usually doesn't take long, and I can relax through my morning routine with a visualisation of what to wear beforehand.


How has motherhood changed – or how is motherhood continuing to change – the way you approach life?

Motherhood has changed everything, but at the same time it feels like our life has always been filled with little laughs, diapers, dinner at 5.30 PM, and everything it brings. My sense of time has definitely experienced the biggest change. I feel a clock constantly ticking in my head, things I want to do, dinner that needs to be ready, setting aside time for myself, for my friends, for us as a family - before motherhood, time felt eternal - it doesn’t anymore. I love our days, our routines, but the constant sense of time is annoying me.

How do you balance life after having children? Is there something that you’ve actively chosen to not focus on, or focus on less now, because of lack of time?

Our life beforehand was pretty tailored to our life as a family - our routines pretty much look the same, except for eating dinner at 5.30 PM. We still do events with family and friends, and most times, we leave around bedtime on weekdays and on weekends the kids are coming with us and by bedtime we find someplace good for them to sleep at the house we are at. They love people as much as I do - and we rarely spend a weekend just being home. We like to get out and be with friends and family as much as possible.

What would you say to your younger self?

It’s pretty specific, but I never imagined getting a job I liked - kids I was somehow sure of, a great boyfriend too, but a great workplace and a job that suited me felt impossible, even despite of a good education – but I’ve struggled with realizing what I know today – because it turns out, it is quite a lot, and I wish I would have spent less time being afraid of that part of grown-up life



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